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Have a product that Works with Nx? Do a webinar with us to educate the Powered-by-Nx channel about your product and how it works.

Nx Solutions Webinars are a way for Nx Partners to team up with the Nx Sales team to give a live webinar on a topic of their choice.

Previous Webinars

Senturian Neurolytics

Senturian Neurolytics is an “Intelligent video analytics solution” with unrivaled Technology based on Artificial Intelligence (Deep Learning).


In our second Works with Nx Webinar Tony Luce, Director of Marketing for Network Optix and Baris Genc, Co-Founder and AI Solutions Manager from Tyronic AI explore NVRBox.


In this Works with Nx Webinar Eliana Bettio from Nirovision and Tony Luce from Network Optix explore the Nirovision platform and how it Works with Nx.


Learn more about how AI-RGUS uses artificial intelligence to monitor the views of IP cameras and alerts operators to compromised views.

AeyeQ NVIDIA Carrier Board

A hardware solution that makes it possible to combine Nx Meta or any Powered by Nx product with intelligent video analytics solutions


Edgevision’s AI-powered vehicle analysis IP video analytics and how they Work with Nx.