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Help us keep the world educated on the latest and greatest approaches to creating custom IP video solutions with Nx Witness VMS.

Works with Nx Webinar

Have a product that Works with Nx? Do a webinar with us to educate the Powered-by-Nx channel about your product and how it works.

  • Works with Nx Webinars focus on compatible products, how they were integrated using the Nx Meta video developer platform and how it can be used with Powered-by-Nx ecosystem products (like Nx Witness VMS).
  • Works with Nx Webinars target attendees who develop, design, deploy, and maintain Powered by Nx systems.
  • Works with Nx Webinars are hosted by the Nx Marketing Director – Tony Luce – and are promoted on Nx social media pages and the website and generally attract an audience of 50-100 attendees made up of partners, end users, consultants, and developers.
Do a Works with Nx Webinar

Nx Solutions Webinar

Nx Solutions Webinars are a way for Nx Partners (Resellers, Tech Partners) to team up with the Nx Sales team to give a live webinar on a topic of their choice.

  • Nx Solutions Webinars demonstrate new product features, integrations, or vertical market solutions for Nx Witness VMS and target attendance by professionals in a specific geographic region (e.g. Taiwan, Europe, etc).
  • Nx Solutions webinars target Nx Witness Resellers, End-Users, Consultants, and Developers.
  • Nx Solutions Webinars are hosted by a member of the Nx Sales team, are held in local time zones, and are promoted on Nx social media pages and the website to attract professional attendees in a target geographic market (e.g. Australia).
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