Develop with Meta

Sign Up. Get the Tools. Do the Dev. Share your Work.

Integrate with Meta and build a Plugin that works with all Powered-by-Nx products.

Nx Meta Development Process

Sign up, get the dev tools, do the development, and share your plugin!

Step 1: Sign Up

Sign Up for Meta Dev Portal
The Meta Dev Portal has the latest released version of the platform and Metadata SDK.

Apply for Meta Early Access
Access unreleased versions of Meta - including Patches and Betas - and work directly with Meta dev team members.

Step 2: Download

Download Nx Meta VMP
Nx Meta VMP is a full featured platform with Desktop, Mobile, Server, and Cloud components.

Download the Metadata SDK
The Metadata SDK enables rapid integration of 3rd party computer vision applications...and more.

Step 3: Install and Develop

Setup a Test Environment
Install Nx Meta VMP on the platform of your choice (Windows, Ubuntu Linux, NVIIDA Jetson)

Open the Metadata SDK
Download and unzip the Metadata SDK to check out the code, code samples, and example integrations.

Get Assistance
Reach out to the Meta dev team anytime in our Developer Forum.

Step 4: Release

Promote a Plugin
Work with the Nx Sales and Marketing teams to promote your shiny new Plugin and compatible products to the Powered-by-Nx ecosystem.

Release a New Product
Create an entirely new white-labeled Powered-by-Nx product to augment your existing technology solution for your own customers.

Nx Meta System Architecture

Nx Meta includes Desktop, Mobile, Cloud, and Server applications as well as a full suite of API and SDKs for integrating 3rd party systems and devices.

Start Developing with Meta Today

Whether you're looking to integrate a product with all Powered-by-Nx solutions or create a completely new Powered-by-Nx product it all starts with signing up for the Meta Dev Portal.

Nx Meta Developer

Interested in developing once for all Powered-by-Nx products? The Nx Meta VMP developer path makes it easy to promote your Plugin globally.

  • Access to Nx Meta Release Builds
  • Free Demo Licences
  • Get Online Support from Nx
  • Participate in the Meta Dev Community
  • Develop Once  for all Powered-by-Nx products

Become a Meta Developer

Get Started

* NOTE: The new Metadata SDK will be made available in the Meta Dev Portal with the release of the Nx Witness v4.0 beta. 

Nx Meta Early Access

Need new features in order to accomplish your integration? Apply for the Meta Early Access Program and tell us how we can help.

  • Access to Nx Meta Beta Builds
  • Free Demo Licenses
  • Get Direct Support from Nx
  • New Feature Requests
  • Develop Once  for all Powered-by-Nx products

Join the Early Access Program

  • Have a product ready to integrate with Nx Meta.
  • Have developer(s) signed up for Meta.
  • Request early access (below).
Apply for Early Access