About Us.

About Nx

Network Optix began as an idea born of necessity – there simply had to be a better way to discover, view, and manage IP cameras.

Founded: August 2010
Headquarters: California, USA
Global Sales & Support Presence: Taiwan, Australia, United Kingdom

Our Mission

Become the engine that drives the most intelligent video applications on the planet. 

  • Make software that is: 
    • Instantly usable
    • Lightweight and Cross-Platform
    • Able to discover any networked camera or video source
    • Enables automation
    • Extremely stable and resilient
    • Affordable and Easy to Maintain
    • Can be integrated with any 3rd party hardware or software
    • Makes the world a better place

Our Team

What started as two geeks in a coffee shop has evolved into a multi-cultural, multinational team that speaks dozens of human and machine languages.

Some of our favorite highlights: 

  • 7th fastest growing software company in America (2016 Inc 500)
  • 90+ FTEs and growing every month (as of August 2020)
  • Nx software powers some of the coolest video applications on the planet and beyond…pf

Media Contacts

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