Integrate Anything with Nx Witness

Nx Witness supports HTTP API requests through the Nx Server API - a comprehensive, standard RESTful API for integrating 3rd party devices and software systems.


Why did we choose a RESTful API?

  • REST enables any interface between systems using HTTP to obtain data and generate operations on those data in all possible formats, such as XML and JSON.
  • REST is a stateless client/server protocol. That means any HTTP request contains all the necessary information to execute, which and neither the client nor the server need to remember any previous state to satisfy it. 
  • REST has become a software development standard. Pretty much everyone out there - including Facebook, Google, Twitter - has begun using REST and as a result there is a vast knowledge and experience base out there among software developers.

Integrate 750+ Apps with Zapier

 Connect apps and automate workflows with Nx Cloud + Zapier.


  • User creates a Zap on Zapier using their Nx Cloud connected System
  • A new rule is generated in Nx Witness that creates a Soft Trigger to send an HTTP Request to Zapier to start the Zap.
  • User can modify newly created rule in Nx Witness to suit their own needs.

3rd Party --> Nx

 Send HTTP Events from 3rd party Devices or Systems into Nx Witness


  • User sends a Generic Event (aka a CreateEvent API) call to any Nx Witness Server it is received as a Generic Event. 
  • Generic events that are received can then be used to create system rules - such as triggering an I/O, triggering a PTZ Preset-as-an-Action, launching an Alarm Layout, creating a Bookmark, or even sending an HTTP Request to a different 3rd party device or system.

Nx --> 3rd Party

Send HTTP Requests as an Action from Nx Witness to a 3rd party Device or System.


  • User creates a Rule in Nx Witness to send HTTP Request to 3rd party systems or devices, which can then be used in those devices or systems to trigger additional actions.
  • HTTP Request is a feature of Nx Witness that allows users to create a rule that sends an HTTP POST or GET request over the network to a targeted service or device.