Make the Move
to Nx Go

Shift towards efficient transportation management with Nx Go, harnessing the power of innovation for superior mobility control.

Why Choose Nx Go?

  • Tailored for the dynamic needs of transportation surveillance.
  • Scales seamlessly to accommodate expanding transportation networks.
  • Integrates effortlessly with diverse camera systems and IoT devices for comprehensive coverage.
  • Enhances protection through robust security protocols, ensuring data safety remains unbreached.

Key Features of Nx Go

Nx Go elevates transportation management through real-time analytics, extensive monitoring, and seamless integration. It adapts flawlessly to diverse infrastructures, offering solutions for dynamic routing and predictive maintenance to streamline operations and ensure reliability.
Developer Friendly

Enhance your team's capabilities with the Nx Server API for seamless integration with external systems. Leverage our Source SDK for easy camera connections, automate with HTTP Requests-as-an-Action, and utilize HTTP Generic Events for third-party device events. Expand storage with the Storage SDK and improve video analytics with the Metadata SDK.

Unmatched Desktop Experience

Nx Desktop transforms media interaction through superior UX, offering in-camera analytics for smart event management and Bitrate Throttling for bandwidth efficiency. Enhanced Export simplifies evidence sharing, while Custom CameraID and archive integrity enhance security. The Flex GRID Interface and updated Help Manual improve navigation, with precise PTZ control and secure Cloud Connect for a comprehensive experience.

Robust Server Performance
Nx Server offers device and data management, easy IP camera discovery, flexible storage, and remote system management through a Web Admin Interface. Utilize its fail-safe Hive Architecture, add any stream manually, and enjoy encrypted video connections, including H.265 ONVIF camera support, with advanced Developer Tools for seamless integration.
Cloud Convenience

Nx Cloud streamlines your systems management and connectivity via Cloud Connect. Merge, bypass connectivity issues, and remotely access video feeds with ease. Securely share access, benefit from encrypted videos, and easily integrate with third parties through API.

Mobile Mastery
Take control of your Nx systems on the go with Nx Mobile, boasting low-latency streaming and intuitive touch controls. Experience cutting-edge fisheye dewarping technology, stay updated with Live Thumbnails, and securely switch between multiple systems. Trigger events with Soft Triggers, conduct pinpoint Smart Motion Searches, and rest assured with strong end-to-end encryption for your video streams.

Nx Developer Toolkit

The Nx Toolkit revolutionizes the way you bring ideas to life. This comprehensive suite of development tools is designed for rapid testing and iteration within a sandbox environment, ensuring a smooth transition to production. 

At the heart of the Nx Toolkit is our groundbreaking AI Manager, which empowers users to effortlessly train and deploy AI models across a diverse range of hardware devices. With the ability to mass deploy over-the-air updates at scale, the Nx Toolkit accelerates the development cycle from months to moments, unlocking unprecedented efficiency and innovation potential in AI video solutions.


Streamline Your Billing with Nx Connect

Nx Connect is a powerful subscription management portal designed to streamline the recurring billing processes for our Channel Partners, offering seamless integration with Nx Cloud data. Connect and automate effortlessly with leading external systems including Salesforce, HubSpot, QuickBooks, and beyond, amplifying both revenue growth and data synergy.

Lead the Way with Nx Go

Step into the future of smarter transportation infrastructure with Nx Go. Find out how our platform can revolutionize your infrastructure and operations.