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Nx Xbox Controller

We integrated an Xbox Controller with Nx Witness. And it’s dope. The Nx Labs dev team slapped together a little

PTZ Preset-as-an-Action

Use PTZ Preset-As-An-Action to catch events as they happen. New in Nx Witness v2.5.0, PTZ-Preset-as-an-Action brings the ability create presets

Patch: Nx Two-Way Audio

Use Two-Way Audio to Communicate in Real-Time The Nx team has implemented Nx Two-Way Audio feature for Axis devices in

Displays. Everywhere.

One thing that couldn’t be avoided at this year’s CES was display technology. There were displays on walls, displays on

The Drone Wars

If CES 2015 was made into a movie it would have been a horror movie called Attack of the Drones.