airaTrack Face Tracking Works with Nx

Aira AI's airaTrack integrates with Powered by Nx products (like Nx Witness VMS) via the Nx Server API. airaFace and airaTrack use face recognition and

AoL Video Analytics Works with Nx

AoL video analytics and computer vision software offer a unique service that transforms any video camera into a business intelligence tool that can be accessed

Wasabi Cloud Storage Works with Nx

Wasabi Surveillance Cloud is an affordable, unlimited, lightning-fast, and secure cloud storage platform that can be used in combination with Nx Witness VMS (or any

Tiger Tech’s Surveillance Bridge Works with ...

Tiger Technology’s Tiger Surveillance Bridge is a seamless cloud connector that enables users to store Nx Witness captured video in any cloud including AWS, Azure,

Suprema Access Control Works with Nx

Suprema BioStar 2 web-based security platform specializes in comprehensive access control and time attendance management- and it Works with Nx!

Nirovision Face Recognition Works with Nx

Nirovison Face Recognition software enhances system access control with features like visual contact tracing, customizable labels and alarms, and more- and it Works with Nx!

Actuate AI Video Analytics Works with Nx

Actuate is an AI Video Analytics platform that detects guns, intruders, people flow, crowds, loitering, and social distancing issues with existing security cameras, no hardware

VisionLabs Face Recognition Works with Nx

VisionLabs face recognition and identity management solution works seamlessly with Nx Witness VMS and other Powered by Nx products - click to learn more!

Seagate Skyhawk Health Monitoring Works with Nx

Seagate's Skyhawk Health Management software helps manage drive health and provides access to data recovery services - and it Works with Nx!

Vaxtor ALPR Video Analytics Works with Nx

Vaxtor's VaxALPR video analytics utilizes ALPR technology for traffic violation monitoring, security clearance automation, and more - and it Works with Nx!