Senturian Hospital Analytics System Works with Nx

Senturian Genesis is a video analytics solution that utilizes AI, and even sound analytics technology, for extensive search and detection capabilities - and it Works

Chiyu Time Attendance and Access Control Works wi...

Chiyu Technology's video management software supports system management features like time attendance, access control, and I/O device control - and it Works with Nx!

Bosch Intelligent Video Analytics Works with Nx

Bosch Intelligent Video Analytics software detects, tracks, and analyzes moving objects and is integrable with the Nx Rules Engine - and it Works with Nx!

Araani Smoke Detection Works with Nx

Araani's SmokeCatcher system enhances video analytics capabilities with early fire and smoke detection - and it Works with Nx!

Ai-RGUS AI Malfunction Detection Works with Nx

Ai-RGUS' Software uses Artificial Intelligence to automatically detect camera view problems, camera/NVR/DVR misconfigurations or failures, and missing recordings - and it Works with Nx!

AI Tech Video Analytics Works with Nx

AI Tech's AI-Appliance Video Analytics technology features include fall detection, intrusion detection, abandoned object detection, people counting and crowding estimate, and more - and it

Blackbox ALPR and Vehicle Identification Works wit...

Blackbox's License Plate Recognition technology, also known as ALPR or ANPR, detects vehicle plate number, make, model and color- and it Works with Nx!