Nx Webinar Week OCEANIA 2021

Join Nx for a week of webinars exploring 2 Works with Nx integration sessions plus a Ask Nx Anything session for your chance to ask

Nx Webinar Week APAC 2021

Join Nx for a week of webinars exploring some of the latest high-tech Works with Nx integrations from partners Chiyu, Vaxtor, Aira, Innovatrics, and Senturian.

Actuate AI Video Analytics Works with Nx

Actuate is an AI Video Analytics platform that detects guns, intruders, people flow, crowds, loitering, and social distancing issues with existing security cameras, no hardware

Vaxtor ALPR Video Analytics Works with Nx

Vaxtor's VaxALPR video analytics utilizes ALPR technology for traffic violation monitoring, security clearance automation, and more - and it Works with Nx!

Automarshal ALPR Video Analytics Works with Nx

Automarshal software utilizes ANPR / ALPR Technology to enhance system automation through events and access control - and it works with Nx!

Edge Vision Collision Detection Works with Nx

EdgeVision's EV-Accidents is a video analytics plugin that detects, records, and notifies operators in the event of a car collision - and it Works with

Scylla Intrusion Detection Works with Nx

Scylla Intrusion Detection System is a video analytics integration that enhances intrusion detection capabilities and more - and it Works with Nx!

Sequrinet AI Analytics Works with Nx

The Sequrinet AI Box is an embedded AI analytics appliance that can be used for Business Intelligence, Access Control, Loss Prevention, and more - and

Hikvison LPR Camera with ALPR Technology Works wit...

Hikvision's LPR Camera utilizes ALPR / ANPR technology to detect and recognize vehicle license plates and record and notify ANPR info for security and access