IncoreSoft Face Recognition Works with Nx

Incoresoft's Face Recognition module utilizes facial recognition technology to precisely recognize faces in real-time and even classify faces based on physical attributes - and it

Herta Face Recognition Works with Nx

Herta Facial Recognition software utilizes IP Video to identify and record faces in crowds quickly and accurately. - and it Works with Nx!

Arisan Face Recognition Works with Nx

Arisan's Faceta is a serverless face recognition solution that can quickly identify, store, and notify operators of detected faces - and it Works with Nx!

ISC West 2019 Recap

Nx Partners At ISC West 2019 Network Optix showed off solutions from a variety of tech partners – including AI-powered video analytics from Vision Labs,

Nvidia GTC 2019 Recap

Event Highlights Meet the Nxers who attended NVIDIA’s GTC conference this year (from left to right) – Alexander Pats (UX / UI Designer), Tony Luce

Taiwan Porsche Showcase and Service Center

90 HD IP Cameras 4 Integrated Systems CHALLENGES TECHNICAL Taiwan Porsche needed an IP Video System capable of integrating Access Control, License Plate Recognition, and