Promity Access Control Works with Nx

Designed with worksite safety in mind, Promity Access Control is a people and intrusion detection software developed to help worksite safety monitors more effectively identify

Suprema Access Control now Works with Nx

Network Optix is proud to announce Suprema Access Control as a new Works with Nx partner! Suprema's BioStar 2 is web-based security platform built for

Suprema Access Control Works with Nx

Suprema BioStar 2 web-based security platform specializes in comprehensive access control and time attendance management- and it Works with Nx!

Automarshal ALPR Video Analytics Works with Nx

Automarshal software utilizes ANPR / ALPR Technology to enhance system automation through events and access control - and it works with Nx!

Sequrinet AI Analytics Works with Nx

The Sequrinet AI Box is an embedded AI analytics appliance that can be used for Business Intelligence, Access Control, Loss Prevention, and more - and

IncoreSoft ALPR Video Analytics Works with Nx

IncoreSoft VEZHA ALPR software makes it fast and easy to integrate LPR technology into Powered by Nx products for enhanced access control abilities - and

Hikvison LPR Camera with ALPR Technology Works wit...

Hikvision's LPR Camera utilizes ALPR / ANPR technology to detect and recognize vehicle license plates and record and notify ANPR info for security and access

Chiyu Time Attendance and Access Control Works wi...

Chiyu Technology's video management software supports system management features like time attendance, access control, and I/O device control - and it Works with Nx!

PG Safe Connections VPN Works with Nx

PG's Safe Connections is an end-to-end secured VPN with monitoring and access control - and it works with Nx!

Tecom C4 Screenshot
Tecom C4 Events Monitor Works with Nx

Nx Events Monitor for C4 enables integration between Tecom C4 and Powered-by-Nx products for access control and system management - and it Works with Nx!