CES 2017: A.I., Drones, and the Future of Tech

We go to see new concepts. We go to demo new products. We go for inspiration. We go for the buffets. The 50th year of the

Windows XP Support Ends with Nx Witness v2.6

Goodbye Windows XP – we knew thee well. It is with a heavy heart that Nx Witness says goodbye to an old, trusted friend –

New! Network Video Design Guide.

Interested in designing a system to connect to, capture, and manage IP cameras, RTSP, or HTTP video streams and their related information? Then this guide’s

nx witness v2.6
Nx Witness V2.6 Available Today.

What’s New in v2.6.0! With 4 key new features, a heap of new device support, 23 feature improvements, and 38 bug fixes Nx Witness v2.6.0

Introducing Rapid Review

Shrink Days into Minutes with Rapid Review in Nx Witness v2.6 Rapid Review is a new feature (available in the upcoming release of Nx Witness

Nx Labs – the Intel Compute Stick

The Intel Compute Stick + Nx Witness = Sweetness. Tony and Charles test out the Intel Compute Stick – a slick little Google Chromecast-like device

Nx #7 Fastest Growing Software Company on Inc.5000

Nx is the 7th fastest growing software company in America according to Inc. Magazine’s 2016 Inc.5000   “Network Optix’s ranking (#136) on the Inc.5000 is

Use Alarm Layout

Use Alarm Layout to Alert Operators of Key Events The Nx Witness Alarm Layout feature allows users to set Display-camera-on-Alarm-Layout as an action. The Alarm

Using Bookmarks

Bookmark your important events in Nx Witness. So, you want to remember a piece of video footage for playback. Maybe, you saw some suspicious activity