Nx Xbox Controller

We integrated an Xbox Controller with Nx Witness. And it’s dope. The Nx Labs dev team slapped together a little executable that enables control of

Do Awesome Things with Nx Witness – like sen...

A QUICK DEMONSTRATION OF HOW TO USE NX WITNESS’S NEW HTTP-REQUEST-AS-AN-ACTION FEATURE. In Nx Witness patch (http://goo.gl/Zx0COS) the Nx team has introduced HTTP-Request-as-an-Action –

Is Virtual Reality the Future of Video?

Chris Milk – one of the leading Virtual Reality content producers in the world right now with his team at Within – believes Virtual Reality devices are, in

Customizable Layouts in Nx Witness

The Nx Witness Grid UI (it’s awesome) Nx Witness’ Grid UI (user interface) is a flexible, customizable user-centered approach to media management. Users can instantly create,

Nx Witness just got a little more… analytica...

Nx Witness now integrates seamlessly with VCA Technology. With a comprehensive suite of video analytics features – people counting, perimeter detection, object detection, and more

PTZ Preset-as-an-Action

Use PTZ Preset-As-An-Action to catch events as they happen. New in Nx Witness v2.5.0, PTZ-Preset-as-an-Action brings the ability create presets that make your PTZ camera

Patch: Nx Two-Way Audio

Use Two-Way Audio to Communicate in Real-Time The Nx team has implemented Nx Two-Way Audio feature for Axis devices in Nx Witness 2.5 patch: 11806.

2017 IP Camera Report – Nx Witness™

In 2016 Network Optix introduced anonymous usage statistics and reports into Nx Witness™. Anonymous usage statistics are an important way for us to gather information

Displays. Everywhere.

One thing that couldn’t be avoided at this year’s CES was display technology. There were displays on walls, displays on tables, displays on windows, displays

The Drone Wars

If CES 2015 was made into a movie it would have been a horror movie called Attack of the Drones. Drones were everywhere – and