A Short History of Video Surveillance & VCA

How the Age of Intelligent IP Video emerged – and its implications on the future of privacy. A Short History of Video Surveillance 1930s –

What is a REST API?

REST APIs – A Brief Overview While many people working in the technology field may have heard of REST APIs they may not know what

About IP Cameras

What is an IP Camera? IP = Internet Protocol. IP Camera = Internet Protocol Camera. At its most basic an Internet Protocol camera – commonly

Exploring ONVIF

What is ONVIF? ONVIF = Open Network Video Interface Forum. A common term you may come across in the IP Video industry is ONVIF.  ONVIF –

Smart Motion Search now on Nx Mobile

Nx Mobile Smart Search Searching for footage from your phone or tablet just got easier with Nx Mobile’s new Smart Motion Search feature. Check it

Network Optix 2018 Anonymous Statistics Report

2018 Anonymous Statistics Report – A Brief Overview Network Optix collects opt-in anonymous usage statistics from Internet-connected systems. We use this data to analyze and identify

ICT Announces ProtegeGX Integration with Nx Witnes...

New Zealand Access Control Manufacturer ICT today announced integration of Nx Witness VMS with ProtegeGX. ProtegeGX and Nx Witness Key Benefits View live, historic and

Exploring the Data Age w/ Seagate

At the heart of every Nx powered video system sits storage. We teamed up with Seagate to learn more about its future. In 2017 Seagate

Integrate 1000+ Apps with Nx Cloud

Integrate 1000+ APPS with Nx Cloud + Zapier How it works: User creates a Zap on Zapier using their Nx Cloud connected System A new rule is

Failover Should be Free

With any IP Video Management System (IPVMS), the possibility of a server failure that interrupts capture or recording of a critical event is a major