Niche Cars Group Supercar Showroom – Thailan...

110 HD IP Cameras 2 Locations CHALLENGES TECHNICAL Niche Cars Group was looking to replace their aging VMS while maintaining their existing cameras at two

Department of Foreign Trade – Thailand

28 180° Panoramic Cameras 1 Locations CHALLENGES TECHNICAL The Department of Foreign Trade in Thailand needed “more eyes with fewer cameras.” Required instant integration with

Taiwan Porsche Showcase and Service Center

90 HD IP Cameras 4 Integrated Systems CHALLENGES TECHNICAL Taiwan Porsche needed an IP Video System capable of integrating Access Control, License Plate Recognition, and

Provincial Police Region 5 -Thailand

226 HD IP Cameras 5 Locations CHALLENGES TECHNICAL Thailand’s Provincial Police Region 5 needed a new Control Center to manage 5 separate locations The police

Cheng Gong Elementary School

133 DTV Cameras 1 Location CHALLENGES TECHNICAL Customer needed to migrate existing DTV cameras over to a new system as well as add new IP

Modikwa Platinum Mine

80 Analog to IP Migration 1 Location CHALLENGES TECHNICAL Modikwa had an outdated analog system in-place with poor image quality The existing VMS had connectivity

A-Thermal Technologies

100 HD IP Cameras 1 Integrated System 10 Operators CHALLENGES LEGACY DEVICE SUPPORT The customer had existing analog-to-IP encoders that the new VMS provider would

Royal Rose Hotel

397 HD IP Cameras 100s of new guests daily CHALLENGES TECHNICAL The customer’s existing VMS was not compatible with preferred IP camera models and manufacturers.

Hilton Capital Grand

432 High Resolution IP Cameras 1 Location CHALLENGES TECHNICAL Poor existing streaming quality Existing VMS experiencing data loss Existing VMS did not support failover Time

Tab Foods

6,000 HD IP Cameras 1,072 Locations CHALLENGES TECHNICAL The customer’s existing VMS manufacturer had not released a new version in more than 2 years –