Network Optix began as an idea born of necessity – there simply had to be a better way to discover, view, and manage IP cameras.

Company Founding
August 2010

Burbank, California, USA

Global Sales & Support
• Taipei • Melbourne • Paris • Amsterdam • Barcelona • Moscow (Support)

Our Mission

We want to be the engine that drives the most intelligent video applications on the planet.

  • Make software that is instantly usable.
  • Make software able to discover every networked camera.
  • Make software anyone can install and run on most computers.
  • Make software that is extremely stable and resilient
  • Make software that is affordable and easy to maintain

Our Journey

What started with two geeks in a coffee shop has blossomed into a multi-cultural team that speaks dozens of human and machine languages.

  • We have some of the coolest clients on the planet. And some pretty comprehensive NDA’s.
  • #7th fastest growing software company in America (2016 Inc 500)
  • 80+ team members and growing (want to join us?)
  • Millions of cameras out there being captured and managed by Nx. More every day.