Distributor Discovery Week - Oceania

23rd - 26th November, 2021 | Virtual Event

Don’t miss out on Nx Distributor Discovery Week Oceania – a week of discussions highlighting Nx Distributors in Oceania and the many unique solutions they have built with Nx Witness VMS!

This week will include 4 discussions overviewing solutions from ISCS, Art of Logic, Innovatrics, and NFS.

Each session will include a presentation overview of the Nx Distributor and their solutions followed by an open Q&A session for any inquiries.

Event Details

DAY 1 - Cost-effective and Scalable Video Analytics with Dragonfruit AI Platform

November 23rd, 2021

Join Nx and ISCS Access Control Systems & CCTV Solutions on November 23rd at 10 AM GMT+11 for an inside look at the state-of-the-art Dragonfruit AI video analytics platform, its applications, and how it Works with Nx.

An ISCS product, Dragonfruit AI is the industry’s first massively-scalable video AI platform. Their patented award-winning AI technology powers cost-effective, turnkey solution suites for Digital Investigations, Occupancy Management, and Retail Intelligence. The cloud-native solution easily extends to hybrid and on-prem deployments priced by consumption.

Dragonfruit AI works seamlessly with Powered by Nx products to provide a full software offering from video management to AI analytics. The combined solution provides flexibility, customizability, and rapid deployment to help companies seamlessly transform their video data into business intelligence.

Mat Harrison
Regional Sale Manager
Network Optix

Padma Duvvuri
Co-Founder & VP Business Development

DAY 2 - Cutting-edge AI Software and Edge-Based Solutions with AoL Video Analytics

November 24th, 2021

Join Nx and Art of Logic on November 24th at 10 AM GMT +11 for a deep dive into Art of Logic’s cutting-edge video analytics technology, its applications, and how it Works with Nx!

Art of Logic is a Research & Development Technology wholesaler that develops innovative technology that is dynamic, open-sourced, and reliable. AoL specializes in developing and manufacturing hardware and software systems to complement artificial intelligence and computer vision capabilities in Powered by Nx products. Video analytics technologies developed by AoL and integrated with Powered by Nx products include Face Recognition, License Plate Recognition, and Object Recognition and Tracking.

Mat Harrison
Regional Sale Manager
Network Optix

Darren Ruger
Founder & CTO
Art of Logic

DAY 3 - Scalable Biometric Solutions with Innovatrics SmartFace

November 25th, 2021

Join Nx and Innovatrics on November 25th at 10 AM GMT +11 for an inside look at Innovatrics’ SmartFace Facial Recognition Platform, its features and applications, and how it Works with Nx!

Innovatrics develop algorithms and biometric solutions with a focus on facial recognition. The SmartFace Facial Recognition platform is a scalable facial recognition platform able to detect and track faces in parallel video streams from multiple IP cameras. SmartFace’s high-quality facial recognition algorithms support any instant identification scenario for access control, surveillance, video investigation, and other purposes.

Mat Harrison
Regional Sale Manager
Network Optix

Mate Fejas
Director of Sales

DAY 4 - Delivering Reliable, High-Performance Security and Surveillance Tech with NFS

November 26th, 2021

Join Nx and NFS on November 26th at 10 AM GMT +10 for an inside look at the top-notch security and surveillance technology offered by NFS and the unique solutions they have built with Nx Witness VMS!

NFS is an importer and distributor of a wide range of premium low voltage electronic security and surveillance supplies. NFS has remained at the forefront of industry changes over the years by searching the globe for the most innovative and technologically advanced products that compete on price and performance. NFS services a large customer base and sells to a range of authorized resellers and installers across New Zealand.

Mat Harrison
Regional Sale Manager
Network Optix

Andrew Sherman
General Manager