Actuate AI Video Analytics Works with Nx


AI Video Analytics

Compatible Nx Version:

Nx Witness 3.2, Nx Witness 4.0, Nx Witness 4.1

Integrated with Nx:

Server API

About Actuate

Actuate is an AI platform that detects guns, intruders, people flow, crowds, loitering, and social distancing issues with existing security cameras, no hardware required. It sends alerts to any Powered by Nx VMS, directly to your phone, or email, and can surface alerts and trends instantly. The system is completely software-based and requires no new hardware of any kind.

Actuate is 99%+ accurate in all detection categories, and generates an industry-leading low rate of false positives, often less than 1 per 20 cameras per month.

There are three key product families:

  • Threat Detection AI
    Instant weapon and intruder alerts, send to your VMS, phone, or email.

  • COVID-19 Response
    Social Distancing AI enables reminders to stay safe and surfaces trends and alerts via your VMS or the Actuate UI. Mask Detection also available.

  • Building Management AI
    Counts and tracks crowds, loitering, and people flow, surfaces trends and alerts via your VMS or the Actuate UI, generate heatmaps of activity.

Actuate is built from the ground up to avoid algorithmic and user bias, respect privacy< and is compliant by design.

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