VisionLabs Face Recognition Works with Nx

VisionLabs face recognition and identity management solution works seamlessly with Nx Witness VMS and other Powered by Nx products - click to learn more!

Seagate Skyhawk Health Monitoring Works with Nx

Seagate's Skyhawk Health Management software helps manage drive health and provides access to data recovery services - and it Works with Nx!

Vaxtor ALPR Video Analytics Works with Nx

Vaxtor's VaxALPR video analytics utilizes ALPR technology for traffic violation monitoring, security clearance automation, and more - and it Works with Nx!

Automarshal ALPR Video Analytics Works with Nx

Automarshal software utilizes ANPR / ALPR Technology to enhance system automation through events and access control - and it works with Nx!

Innovatrics Face Recognition Works with Nx

Innovatrics' SmartFace Face Recognition technology capabilities include face detection and tracking, age and gender estimation, face mask detection, and more - and it Works with

Senturian Face Recognition Works with Nx

Senturian Genesis is a video analytics solution that utilizes AI for extensive search capabilities including face recognition - and it Works with Nx!

DeskCamera PC Monitoring Works with Nx

DeskCamera is a virtual ONVIF IP camera software that allows users to stream PC desktop, webcam, audio, and other media and monitor PC operations and

Western Digital
Western Digital Purple MicroSD Works with Nx

Western Digital’s WD Purple microSD card offers the right combination of longevity and capacity to handle the 24/7 continuous recording workload - and it Works

Cambium Networks Wireless Solution Works with Nx

Cambium Network's cnVision is a custom-designed wireless solution for Video Surveillance and CCTV markets - and it Works with Nx!

IronYun AI Video Analytics Works with Nx

IronYun's AI NVR® AI Video Analytics System is a plug-and-play turnkey solution, including Google-like AI video search for license plate recognition, object detection, high-accuracy intrusion