The Powered-by-Nx Pavilion at Secutech Taipei showcased innovative, intelligent video solutions being created by Nx Tech Partners in the APAC region.

At the Event

Presentations from Works with Nx Partners

Nx Tech Partners presented their Works with Nx solutions, educating attendees to the Powered-by-Nx Pavilion on their unique products and how they integrate with Nx Witness VMS and other Powered-by-Nx products.

Product Demos

During the Secutech Taipei hundreds of visitors visited 20+ partner solutions at the Powered-by-Nx Pavilion and learned about the many potential products that can be combined to create customer-tailored project solutions.


The Powered-by-Nx pavilion was designed with partner booths and a central meeting area Nx team had set up an environment that encouraged visitors to meet new people and companies and learn more about the Powered-by-Nx ecosystem.