Network Optix makes the world's best video management software.

What We Do

Network Optix is a software development company focused on creating cutting edge video management solutions. Our core product - Nx VMS - is an open, lightweight, customizable video management platform capable of managing offline media, live video streams, and integrated 3rd party systems and devices. 

Nx VMS is a free live-streaming platform - cloud enabled, remotely accessible, scalable to any size, and licensed only when recording and search of IP Video cameras is required. Nx VMS is also open for developers, with comprehensive API and SDK documentation built-in and free to use, allowing organizations or individuals to create their own video-driven applications for any vertical market or project.

Nx also creates white label / OEM VMS solutions for companies based on the Nx VMS platform.


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Our Mission

Network Optix’ mission is to make a video platform so simple my grandmother could use it.
— Sergey Bystrov, CTO & Co-Founder

Who We Are

A multi-cultural, diverse team with an HQ in the United States and team members in Russia, Taiwan, China, Australia, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and France.

  • Clients in nearly every market segment.
  • Users in more than 130 countries.
  • More than a million IP video devices licensed since 2013