Nx Video Analytics - with VCA Technology

Network Optix Nx Witness IP Video Management System seamlessly with VCA Technology to provide a full suite of Video Content Analytics features and capabilities. Using the HTTP Generic Event API and VCA's burn-in analytics users can quickly integrate video analytics that are viewable on both live and recorded video displayed in the Nx Witness client.

How It Works

Like everything in Nx Witness - it's simple and powerful.

VCA + Nx Witness = Awesomeness.

  • Configure and calibrate VCA Technology to recognize target events such as intrusion detection, object detection, and people counting.
  • Send Events via the VCA HTTP engine to any Nx Witness Server using the Nx Witness Generic Event API.
  • Use captured Events from VCA Technology's cameras to create Bookmarks, do Live Video Text Overlay, launch Alarm Layout, and more!

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About VCA Technology

 We do video analytics.

With a simple and intuitive user interface and without any complex engineering controls users can define a detection rule in just a few mouse clicks.

Supported on Windows, Linux, and a range of IP cameras and encoders with a cross-platform development kit.

A highly reliable and accurate object tracking engine supports unparalleled sensitivity with low false alarm rate. Suitable for both surveillance and business intelligence applications.

Supported on Windows, Linux, and a range of IP cameras and encoders with our cross-platform development kit.

VCA Technology in Action

A few example videos showing how easy to set up and accurate VCA Technology's algorithms are in real-world environments.

VCA is simple to setup.

VCA's removed object algorithm.

VCA's people counting algorithm.

VCA Technology Analytics Packages

  • Intrusion Detection
  • Shake Cancellation
  • Tamper Detection
  • Enter/Exit Filters
  • Appear/Disappear Filters
  • Stopping Filter
  • Dwell Filter
  • Direction Filter
  • People/Object Counting
  • Abandoned Object Filter
  • Removed Object Filter
  • Zones & Lines
  • Speed Filter
  • Tailgating Filter
  • People Tracker
  • Colour Filter
  • Logical Rules
  • PTZ Auto Tracking
  • Video Stabilization