Nx Witness Roadmap

The Nx Witness Roadmap shows the latest information about upcoming planned releases. The Roadmap is meant to help users understand the direction the product is taking in the next 6 months. Upcoming releases may change in their scope and feature set.

  • Nx Witness Mobile Update

    PTZ CONTROL - PTZ controls added to Nx Mobile for iOS an Android to allow remote operators to control pan tilt and zoom cameras

  • Nx Witness v3.1

    Nx Desktop

    SOFTWARE TRIGGERS - a way to place software buttons on top of live streams to trigger system or custom actions

    REELS - 100% custom tours of any resource - live streams, offline videos, web pages, I/O modules, and images

    Nx Server

    H.265 SUPPORT - H.265 support for Hikvision cameras

    MULTICAST STREAM SUPPORT - support for multicast stream capture, display, and recording

    Nx CLOUD

    CLOUD CLIENT - the ability to view videos from cloud-connected systems in the Nx Cloud portal

    CONNECTION PROXY - in instances where users cannot establish a direct connection (NAT Traversal) to their Nx Cloud enabled systems traffic will be proxied through Nx Cloud servers