Nx Witness™ v2.4.0


Nx Witness v2.4.0 brings new integration methods (IP I/O Module, LDAP Integration, Storage SDK) and enhances administrators' system insights (New User Management Dialog, Audit Trail, Storage Analytics).

New Features.

IP I/O Module Support

In version 2.4.0 of Nx Witness we introduce IP I/O Module support. Why? To allow Nx Witness system users a method of integrating 3rd party systems.

Like all supported devices IP I/O Modules are automatically discovered and can be used to trigger system events, actions, and alerts. The first integrated IP I/O Module - the Axis P8221 - also allows for audio recording by schedule.

Enhanced User Management  with LDAP/Active Directory Support.

A quick overview of the new LDAP/Active Directory Integration feature in Nx Witness v2.4.

Using the LDAP/Active Directory integration and the new User Management dialog users can quickly and easily integrate LDAP or Active Directory databases into Nx Witness..

Audit Trail

In Nx Witness v2.4.0 we are happy to introduce an all-new Audit Trail feature. Using Audit Trail system administrators can review and even playback actions by other system users.

Audit Trail provides higher level insight for system Administrators during an investigation into a critical event - allowing them to review and improve operator reactions.

STorage Analytics

One of the most difficult things about designing and maintaining an IP Video Management Surveillance System is determining how much storage your system needs.

The Nx Witness Storage Analytics feature gives users insight into how much storage their system is using in real-time and provides insight into the impact of adding additional storage.

Storage SDK

The Nx Witness Storage SDK enables easy integration of any potential storage.

Using the Storage SDK developers can read from or write to any storage location - locally available, remote storage, and even cloud servers. Creating a storage plugin requires implementing standard functions such as I/O stream, if file exist, delete file, list of files in the folder, etc. The Storage SDK also contains an example for using an FTP server as a storage location.


  • Axis P8221 I/O Module
  • ACTi V32 16 channel IP encoder
  • Digital Watchdog DWC-BVI2IR
  • Latest standard Arecont and Axis cameras are supported


  • Ability to disable users. Disabling users instead of deleting them keeps user audit trail intact.
  • Decrease CPU usage on camera-based Edge Server (ISD Jaguar).
  • Improved usage statistics and crash reports.
  • New warning when more than one server is recording to the same storage.
  • When multiple servers are recording to a shared storage location (e.g. NAS) usage is shared more effectively.
  • Mobile app performance improved when pulling video from Edge Server (ARM) devices.
  • Adding NAS devices on Linux simplified to match Windows method.
  • Check for updates automatically enabled by default.
  • Video viewing synchronization in multi-server systems improved.


  • Motion mask couldn't be changed for panoramic AV cameras in smart search mode. Fixed.
  • Small issues in server API. Fixed.
  • Intermittent "Loading" error in client in multi-server systems. Fixed.
  • When client is started the keyboard cursor was not automatically moved to login dialog box. Fixed.
  • Viewing video streams and information from a remote server with 2 public IPs failed. Fixed.
  • Cameras that were not being recorded were shown as offline when autodiscovery was disabled. Fixed.
  • In some cases Edge Media Server could not be stopped (specifically ISD Jaguar camera). Fixed.
  • Archived video was inaccessible during fast archive scan. Fixed.