EVE Media Player

The Extreme Video Environment otherwise known as The EVE Media Player™ is the first application built by Network Optix using our revolutionary new network media architecture.  The EVE Media Player is extremely powerful and its uses are bound solely by your own imagination.  It will play any type of video format you have.  Every container (or file extension type, i.e. .MOV, .3GP, .FLV, .MP4, .MKV) no matter how obscure or how old or new.  The EVE Media Player™ will play them perfectly every time.


  • Dramatic CPU load savings
  • Extreme forensic zoom and media analysis
  • Search box, multi-views, intuitive control settings
  • Unlimited scalability
  • Full HD screen recording
  • Ability to rearrange and manipulate videos while in motion
  • Catalog by event, media type, client, market, etc.
  • No constrains or limits on format, resolution size or codec
  • Cross Platform (available in both PC and Mac)




The application allows for powerful forensic viewing control of all forms of video or still photo media.  It will play and/or display videos or photos of any resolution or file size.  You can use the player to analyze video zoomed in to extreme close up ranges.  You can freeze frame, frame-by-frame advance and generally dissect any visual media to any degree you wish.  Our powerful display system allows you to matrix many videos in a display wall on your screen.  Sort and sift through huge libraries of media with ease using the EVE Media Player™.

The EVE Media Player™ is also the most powerful video and media presentation and demonstration tool yet developed.  You can display still photos, slide presentations and full HD video all interlaced into the same viewing display.You can even record everything happening on your screen in full 1080p broadcast quality HD video with dual audio tracks with the simple push click of a hot key.

User Interface – Control View

User Interface – Layouts