Insert Hard Drive

  • With the Nx1 unplugged remove the external case using a Phillips head screwdriver.
  • Please remove the plastic strip underneath the battery by pulling the white plastic strip where it says ‘PULL’.
  • Insert a compatible hard drive. The Nx1 accommodates standard 2.5″ HDDs (<10mm).
  • Insert the Nx1 back into its case and plug it in. The Nx1 will begin copying the operating system from the internal SD card to the newly installed HDD. While copying is in progress the HDD and SYS lights will blink. The copying process may take up to 15 minutes – be patient!
  • When finished the Nx1 will reboot and both the PWR and HDD lights will be lit.


Set up with Nx Witness Desktop Client

  • While on the same LAN open your Nx Witness Desktop Client and look for the “New Server” tile.
  • Click to begin setup wizard