Nx1 Prototype Kit Usage Guide

So you've got your hands on an Nx1 Prototype Kit....
get it up and running in 4 simple steps.


Things You'll Need to setup your Nx1 Prototypes:


While Windows XP should work we'd appreciate it if you used Windows 7 or higher while working with your Nx1s.


2 - The Nx Server Tool

A new tool designed to make setting up Nx Witness systems even simpler than it already is: 32 bit64 bit


Every Nx1 is shipped in DHCP mode - meaning it will automatically be assigned an IP Address if plugged into an existing network.



Pick your favorite IP cameras (ONVIF Profile S) and get them ready. Each Nx1 can record up to 4 IP video streams.


Quick-Start Video

Tony Luce from the Nx team quickly shows how to unpack, install, configure, and begin using the Nx1 Prototype Kit.

  • Step 1 - Plug In Nx1s
  • Step 2 - Install and Launch Nx Server Tool (beta)
  • Step 3 - Use Nx Server Tool to Create System
  • Step 4 - Use Nx Witness to Setup Recording

Step 1: Plug In Your Nx1's.

  • The Nx1 prototypes come pre-installed with Nx Witness Media Server and each include a 120 GB HDD.
  • Using networking cables plug your Nx1's and your computer into your DHCP enabled router.
    (Nx1's come in DHCP mode and will automatically be assigned an IP address if plugged into a DHCP network but can be configured static using the Nx Server Tool (see Step 3).)
  • Plug in your Nx1s to a power adapter - the Nx1 takes a few seconds to boot up. The power LED on the front will blink a few times during the boot process.

Step 2: Install and Launch the Nx Server Tool on your PC.

  • While your Nx1 is booting up launch the Nx1 Server Tool installation process and follow the wizard.
  • The Nx Server Tool (32 bit64 bit) is a Windows-only software that:
    • Automatically discovers Nx Witness Media Servers (including the Nx1) on LAN connections.
    • Lets users configure device network settings.
    • Allows users to set the device date and time.
    • Gives users the ability to quickly merge Nx1 devices to create a new System or merge into an existing System by allowing the to modify the system name and system password for connected Nx1's.
    • In short - the Nx Server Tool was created as a fast, simple way to set up either a single device, or a big batch of devices, making it easy to deploy an Nx1-based system.

Step 3: Use the Nx Server Tool to Create a New System.

  • After you've launched the Nx Server Tool you should see 2 Nx Witness Servers that are in the section labeled Unassigned System. These are your newly discovered Nx1 devices.
  • Check the box next to each device and select Edit All under the Set System Name and Password section.
  • Choose a System Name and Password (if creating a new system) or enter an existing System Name and Password if you wish these devices to join an existing system.
  • That's it. You're done! You can close the Nx Server Tool now.

Step 4: Open your Nx Witness Client and Confirm Setup.

  • Open and login to Nx Witness (make sure you have v2.4.1 installed!) and you should now see your Nx1s available on your System!
  • Each Nx1 includes 4 Nx Witness Edge Recording Licenses - so no license setup is needed.