Nx Witness v3.1




Nx Witness 3.1 Release Notes

Nx Witness v3.0




  • Nx Cloud
  • All New Desktop Client
  • Web Browsing in Desktop Client
  • Nx1 Lite Client
  • Custom User Roles
  • New, Faster Mobile App
  • New Server Storage Database
  • View Archive from Deleted Cameras
  • Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Support
  • Axis T8311 Joystick support now added (Windows only)
  • 2-way audio integrated for Hikvision and ACTi devices
  • New Windows Installer

Nx Witness 3.0 Release Notes

Nx Witness v2.6


Nx Witness v2.3.2


Nx Witness_vms

  • Anonymous Usage & Crash Statistics
  • Cross Network Connectivity
  • Windows 10 Support

Nx Witness 2.3.2 Release Notes

Nx Witness v2.3.1


Nx Witness_vms

  • Edge Server – for ARM-based cameras and server devices
  • New Anti – Virus and Firewall friendly HTTP tunneling

Nx Witness 2.3.1 Release Notes

Nx Witness v2.3


Nx Witness_vms

  • Server Hive Architecture
  • Automatic Camera Failover
  • One-Click System Wide Updates
  • Video Wall / Remote Monitor
  • Embedded Dev Tools (Server API, Video Source SDK)
  • Edge (aka ARM device support)
  • Universal Fisheye Dewarping
  • Max/Min Recording Time per Camera
  • Web-Based Camera Settings
  • Web Admin Redesign
  • Simplified System Expansion (aka joining systems)
  • One Network Port For Everything
  • Advanced Routing Management
  • System and Local Settings Dialog Improvement
  • Smarter Time Synchronization

Nx Witness 2.3 Release Notes

Nx Witness v2.2.1


Nx Witness_vms

  • Product rebranded to Nx Witness
  • Onvif protocol support improvements
  • Web client optimization for Internet Explorer 9+
  • Progress bar added for remote camera screenshot downloads
  • Motion sensitivity default changed from 6 to 5

Nx Witness 2.2.1 Release Notes

Introducing Nx Witness


Introducing Nx Witness

HD Witness has a new look, a new architecture, new features, and a new name.

Learn More

HD Witness v2.2



  • Simplified network configuration protocols
  • PTZ Tours
  • Light skin UI
  • New events and actions
  • Once Camera is discovered, the software attempts to configure the following settings on Camera
  • Simplified archive recovery (lost data due to migration or partial HDD failure)
  • Improved compatibility mode
  • Auto detection of layout aspect ratio
  • Ability to fix aspect ratio for any video resource
  • Generic HTTP plugin for simple streaming
  • The export progress dialog is now modal. A user can perform other actions while exporting
  • Added an ability to select any corner for placing a timestamp
  • Added a new checkbox to “Disable/Enable Auto Discovery” in “System Settings -> Server”
  • Ability to resize resource tree’s panel
  • GPU-powered cient-side fisheye camera dewarping
  • An automatic and manual fisheye de-warp calibration system
  • Dewarping is now available for still images
  • Ability to run Client in configuration mode

HD Witness 2.2 Release Notes

HD Witness v2.1



  • MAC Client is released!
  • Support for multiple new Arecont Vision camera models as well supporting de-warping for Arecont Vision cameras using fisheye lenses.
  • More ACTi cameras now supported with upgrades to additional Acti cameras fixing dual-streaming issues.
  • Vivotek support is improved: SD81X1 is supported and PTZ is fixed for Sd8111 and Sc83x1.
  • Expanded support for Axis encoders and fixed stream count issues with multiple video encoder models.
  • Upgraded support for multiple PTZ and fisheye de-warping features in general.
  • Added support for additional D-Link camera models.
  • Support for more advanced RTSP extensions to extend potential cameras compatibility via RTSP.

HD Witness 2.1 Release Notes

HD Witness v2.0



  • “Forensic SpyGlass” zoom windows
  • Notification panel redesign
  • Events and new actions
  • Mapping System
  • History of events and actions
  • Cameras List
  • Video color/gamma correction
  • Ability to adjust the quality of the second stream
  • Visual Motion Indication
  • Motion email notifications now include a video link
  • Locked Layouts are introduced disallowing any changes to layouts
  • Compatibility with Windows Server 2012 Family
  • Compatibility with Ubuntu 13
  • Translatable Tray Tool
  • Fish-eye cameras are supported
  • Offline cameras diagnostics is implemented
  • Client Only Installer is now available on Windows
  • Software is now available in French and Simplified Chinese Language options

HD Witness 2.0 Release Notes

HD Witness v1.5.1



  • Live streaming is much smoother
  • iOS Client support is improved on the server side
  • Linux Media Server is more stable when recording 80+ cameras and viewing 60+
  • Camera discovery is much faster

HD Witness 1.5.1 Release Notes

HD Witness v1.5


HD Witness_v1.5


  • An analog license has been introduced
  • The license form has been redesigned
  • Windows 8 is now supported
  • User emails have been introduced
  • Intuitive Mail Server settings
  • Any client is now able to talk to any EC regardless of their versions

HD Witness 1.5 Release Notes

HD Witness v1.4


HD witness_v1.4


  • Multi-Video export
  • Android Client is introduced
  • The 64-bit architecture version is now available for Windows
  • Context Help System is implemented
  • Daylight Savings Time is now supported
  • Software checks for updates automatically
  • Video can now be exported with rendered timestamps
  • Tray Tool is able to perform search for Enterprise Controllers that are available on the network
  • Client is able to perform search for Enterprise Controllers available on the network
  • Ability to use Public IP for Media Server

HD Witness 1.4 Release Notes

HD Witness v1.3


HD witness_v1.3


  • Linux client is introduced
  • Web client
  • 64 bit version is now available
  • Camera settings (incl. Zoom and Focus)
  • PTZ (applies to any ONVIF conformant camera that supports PTZ adjustments)
  • Calendar Search
  • Tours between different cameras
  • Panic Recording
  • Thumbnail search
  • Localization is fully supported
  • System Health Monitoring
  • Extended Viewer Permissions
  • Manual camera registration
  • Tooltips for all screen icons
  • Network Optix VMS components can be installed on Ubuntu 12.04
  • COLDSTORE DTS (Direct to Storage)

HD Witness 1.3 Release Notes

HD Witness v1.2.1



  • Onvif engine is greatly improved
  • It is possible to set up a media server to use RTP over TCP/RTP over UDP in traytool settings
  • Screen Recording is saved in AVI format that can be played almost everywhere
  • Audio and Video synchronization is improved for local files

HD Witness 1.2.1 Release Notes

HD Witness v1.2


HD witness_v1.0

Thumbnails are introduced

  • Audio recording on all microphone-enabled cameras
  • New recording schedule feature has been introduced
  • Software Motion detection is much more accurate
  • Smart Search and Motion Detection Configuration is redesigned
  • A quick button appears on the video to enable/disable smart search mode
  • Smart Search region selection is more intuitive
  • Motion Detection configuration is more intuitive
  • If media server changes its IP address, it is re-detected without the need for a restart
  • Port selection algorithm is changed
  • Security fixes
  • At the end of the install process, it is suggested to run the client
  • Context menu from the lower scroll panel is removed
  • It is possible to change the aspect ratio of grid cells on a scene, which is from 4:3 to 16:9

HD Witness 1.2 Release Notes

HD Witness v1.1



  • .AVI format can now be exported as well as .MKV
  • The Media Proxy feature allows viewing streams from cameras on a different subnet
  • If adding a new storage to Media Server, it is checked for validity and ability to write to
  • The Swap Camera feature has a better approach
  • Software Motion Detection allows to do advanced motion detection with a very precise and flexible motion mask
  • The watermark feature generates watermark for each exported file
  • Pan-temporal Timeline was completely redesigned and improved
  • Servers node in Resource tree is opened automatically when user logs in
  • Exported videos are treated as cameras on the slider
  • Playback (live/archive navigation) is more accurate and smooth

HD Witness 1.1 Release Notes

HD Witness v1.0


HD witness_v1.0

HD Witness is born!