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Airports are one of the most challenging surveillance environments on the planet – all about speed, security, and real-time emergency response.


Surveillance ensures security and safety for visitors and staff of hotels and other hospitality venues like convention centers and pavilions, where threats of theft, vandalism, and others are high. By enabling monitoring daily operations, it provides a deterrence for dishonest and/or criminal activity by staff and visitors alike.

Retail Stores

Retail stores, large or small, where the occurrence of theft and fraud are high, necessitate security. Video surveillance makes it possible to provide a secure environment for retailer staff and customers, at the same time, provide opportunites for better operational efficiencies.


Hospitals and other healthcare facilites need video surveillance systems to effectively and continuously secure and monitor patients and staff especially in critical areas. It also makes it possible for digital storage of footages and events invaluable for any review or inquiry.


Banks and other financial institutions prioritize client and asset safety and security and require highly reliable video surveillance systems to attain this. Surveillance systems enable proactive management and quick response to any threat or assault during and after hours of operation.

Factories and Manufacturing Facilities

Surveillance plays a key role in managing and overseeing day-to-day operations in the manufacturing environment. While providing worker safety, it also thwarts threats in assembly line production including theft and tampering of processes.

Government Facilities

Government facilities need comprehensive video surveillance systems to ensure the security and safety of staff and the public. Courthouses, most especially, law enforcement, and other regulatory agencies are highly threatened on a day-to-day basis. Surveillance systems prevents and minimizes these security threats.

Parks and Recreational

Parks, especially big urban parks where people go to for recreational breaks to rejuvenate from their routine hectic lifestyle need surveillance systems to monitor public safety issues and enable quick intervention when necessary. Crime-related activities that often occur in the park premises such as drug use, drinking alcohol, vandalism, and physical altercations can be prevented and minimized with video surveillance.


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