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Nx Witness is always free for live streaming or to use as a media player.
For Pro's - download Nx Witness and record 4 cameras for 30 days.

FREENx Witness is always free for discovering and viewing IP cameras from anywhere, anytime. It's also a great media player / presentation tool.
  • Unlimited Live Streams
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Servers
  • Unlimited Event Rules
  • Unlimited Layouts
  • Unlimited Nx Cloud Systems


Download the latest version of Nx Witness FREE at my.networkoptix.com

Nx Cloud
  • Login from Anywhere
  • User Management
  • Access Multiple Systems
Nx Server
  • Up to 128 HD streams per Server
  • Auto-Discover ONVIF IP Cameras
  • Auto-Discover Supported I/O Devices
  • Server Hive
  • Automatic Failover
  • 3rd Party Integrations
Nx Web Admin
  • Web Client (Live)
  • Server Settings
  • System Settings
  • Server Health Monitoring / Logs
  • Developer Tools
Nx Lite Client
  • Setup or Join a System
  • View up to 4 Live Streams
  • Remote Control from Nx Mobile
Nx Desktop
  • Auto Discover Nx Servers
  • Play Offline Video or Images
  • Live Stream IP Cameras, RTSP, or HTTP streams
  • Dewarp Live or Recorded Fisheye Images & Videos
  • PTZ Camera Control
  • Embedded Chromium Browser
  • Screen Recording
  • Unlimited Users & Roles
  • User Audit Trail
  • Events & Actions Engine
  • Notifications Engine
  • Create & Share Layouts
  • Keyword Search
  • Server Management
  • Server Health Monitoring
  • Advanced Network Routing
  • Database Backup & Restore
  • Video Export (Single, Multi, Rapid)
  • One-Slick System-Wide Updates
  • 3rd Party Integrations


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  • All Features from Free Plan
Nx Server
  • Record Cameras/Streams to HDD, DAS, NAS
  • Record Audio from I/O Devices
Nx Web Admin
  • Web Client (Recorded)
Nx Desktop
  • IP Camera/Stream Recording
  • Manage I/O Devices
  • Calendar Search
  • Smart Motion Search
  • Preview Search
  • Bookmarks
  • Video Wall Mode
  • Storage Backup (Real-time, scheduled, on-demand)