Saving Setup Time = Saving Money.
Nx Witness gets you up and running in minutes.

2 Minute Installation
added in version 1.0

A user can set up and install an Nx Witness™ system - including adding a server, discovering cameras, and setting up recording - in 2 minutes.
(click on the image to the left to view a video demonstration)


Automatic Device Discovery & ONVIF Support
added in version 1.0

Nx Witness automatically discovers supported devices - which can include integrated tested devices and standard ONVIF profile S video devices. Devices can also be added manually via IP address, hostname or RTSP/HTTP link.

NX Witness also supports synchronized video and audio recording on supported devices.

Automatic Server Discovery
added in version 2.0

Nx Witness will automatically discover and make available servers. This significantly reduces setup time by not requiring a fixed IP address for system servers.

Simplified Network Configuration
added in version 2.2

The system offers a single-port configuration for camera viewing across different subnets.

Nx Witness also offers more advanced server routing methods for network engineers or IT teams to optimize their IP video network (available in version 2.3).



Single & Multi-Camera Recording/Archiving Scheduling
added in version 1.0

Nx Witness makes capturing and - more importantly - recording/ archiving video from connected devices simple with our drag & drop scheduling.

Users can select frame rate, recording quality, archiving rules (continuous, motion-only, motion + continuous low-quality, do not record) and pre and post event recording duration.

Smart Motion Detection
added in version 1.1

The user can configure video streams for smart motion detection. Server-side motion detection and motion sensitivity configuration detects movement within a scene. Camera recording is automatically triggered based on predefined motion settings. Masking can be applied to avoid unnecessary recording.

Dark & Light User Interface
added in version 2.2

The user can personalize UI experience and reduce computer eye strain by switching application background (dark and light skin options are available). Switching between backgrounds requires client restart causing absolutely no interruption to system operations.  


Simple is good. For everyone.

Customizable Layouts
added in version 1.0

The user has the flexibility to create any layout configuration with no predefined presets or grid constraints. A layout is created by swapping, duplicating and resizing connected cameras and located files. Layouts can also be saved for future use or assigned to other users for remote viewing.

Video Controls
added in version 1.0

The user can resize, swap, rotate, duplicate, image enhance and playback any items on a scene (cameras, local files, etc).

Flex Timeline
added in version 1.0

The user can seamlessly navigate through live and archived footage using application’s playback tools. Visual indicators are available to identify recorded fragments, motion regions and empty archive.

Customizable User Management
added in version 1.3

The system offers a flexible user management system with the following permission levels: administrator, advanced viewer, viewer and live viewer.  New users can only be created by the administrator. Example: while a live viewer is only able to view live video, an administrator can change camera settings, use PTZ controls, view video archives, export video and view cameras live.

Assigning Views to Users
added in version 1.5

The administrator can create custom camera views and assign them to users for viewing live and recorded video. Once logged in, the user is able to view the assigned cameras remotely.

Drag & Drop Camera Assignment
added in version 1.5

The user can swap cameras between active servers causing absolutely no interruption to live streaming or recording. A server is marked with a red flag indicating a new location. Archive is automatically combined from all available servers.


The system grows as you do.
Without extra cost.

No Single Point of Failure
added in version 2.3

Nx Witness™ users can connect to any server in the system to login, manage, and view the entire system. Servers synchronize configuration data and can instantly take over streams from a server which experiences a crash.


Events, Actions and Notifications
added in version 1.5

Nx Witness™ notifies users of critical events via on-screen alerts and/or configurable email notifications.

Event tracking is simple to set up and can be triggered by a variety of events in the system - including motion detection, network conflicts, drive or storage failure, camera disconnection or failure, camera relay, and more.

System Logs
added in version 1.4

Nx Witness™ logs detailed information about system performance and can be accessed at any time locally or remotely.

System logs track EVERYTHING that occurs - letting Nx quickly diagnose any problems our users face.

Calendar Search
added in version 1.3

Nx Witness™ users can quickly locate a particular event from archive by simply selecting the date and time the event may have occurred. Multiple dates/hours can be selected simultaneously.

Active views on the user interface update in real-time according to the time entered on the calendar search.

Preview (aka time-slice) Search
added in version 1.

Nx Witness™ makes it easy to locate a particular event by breaking archived data into smaller increments and displaying them as separate items.

Great for cameras without motion detection, preview search is a fast, effective way to find non-event (motion, alarm) driven video.

Thumbnails Search
added in version 1.3

The user is able to view the entire time span of an item on timeline. Thumbnails are sampled evenly from the defined archive. They can be expanded in size, scrolled through or turned on/off with a single click.

Logical Keyword Search
added in version 1.0

The logical keyword search feature allows Nx Witness™ users to search connected devices and local files by name, Mac or IP addresses. 

Search results are opened in the current layout and can be quickly saved for later recall.

Video Export
added in version 1.0

Nx Witness™ gives users the ability to export video fragments from a single camera or local video file and save them in .avi or .mkv formats.

Exporting video is a simple drag, drop, and click process.


Advanced Video Export
added in version 1.4

The user can export multiple videos and layouts as a single file and play it back with FF/REW, smart motion search, thumbnails and other controls. Files can be saved as .nov, .exe and "read only".

Universal Fisheye Dewarping
version 2.0

The system allows for any camera to operate as a fisheye camera by using a standard fisheye lens and switching the camera mode from standard to fisheye. The sub-features includes automatic or custom calibration, image enhancement, digital PTZ and presets, forensic SpyGlass zoom windows, angle adjustment,  panoramic modes and more.

Zoom Windows
version 2.0

The user can create unlimited portable zoom windows and pan them across any video stream within a layout. A forensic digital zoom capability that not only allows for clip export, but also seamlessly moves the forensic spyglass from one stream to another.

PTZ Presets and Tours

The user can create a tour by generating multiple preset points (memorised P/T/Z positions). A tour trajectory is based on preset points eliminating the need for constant monitoring thus avoiding human error. A default “home” position must be established for the camera to return to after the tour.

Digital Mapping
version 2.0

The user can locate the position of cameras within a schematic layout by locking the layout in place and placing cameras in designated areas.

Image Enhancement
version 2.0

The user can enhance any image or video (live or archived) by playing with black/white/gamma settings. Automatic optimization is also available.


The system offers digital watermarking that authenticates exported footage and serves as a proof that the electronic evidence has not been tampered with, corrupted or edited.


Online Support. Free Upgrades.


The user can troubleshoot an offline camera or a server with one simple click. Once diagnosed, the application will display a list of possible issues for further investigation.

Health Monitoring System
version 1.3

The user can monitor system performance and detect system overloads, high CPU usage, server issues and other system malfunctions.

Automatic System Updates

The system offers automatic system updates. When a new update is available, the system will automatically detect it and prompt the user to initiate the update.

Embedded Help System

The system offers a built-in user manual that allows users to learn the application within the program.