What is Nx Witness?

Nx Witness makes it easy to discover, configure, record, search, and share IP Video.

What unique advantages does Nx Witness have over other IP Video Surveillance systems?

Comparing Nx Witness to other IP video surveillance systems is a bit like comparing the iPhone to a Palm Treo - in short, it simply doesn't compare. But if you insist on asking the question, here are a few advantages of Nx Witness.

NeweST Technology


Nx Witness is built with the latest in cross-platform coding technology (QT) allowing Nx to rapidly develop and deploy features on any OS.


One-Click UPgrades


Nx Witness lets users update their entire system with a single click of a button saving thousands of dollars in man-hour costs. Welcome to the future.


Incredibly Lightweight


Nx Witness software is incredibly lightweight. The Nx Witness Edge server package can be installed on cameras and ARM® devices (like the Raspberry Pi).

Server-Hive ARchitecture

Nx Witness has a server-hive architecture built with SQLite. All Nx Witness servers synchronize in real-time across LAN or WAN connections.


Adaptive CPU & Networking


Nx Witness has adaptive streaming and decoding technology built-right-in reducing CPU usage and bandwidth at every stage.


Open Developer Toolkit


Nx Witness is completely open. Users can develop their own plugins to 3rd party systems or integrate any video source they desire using the Nx Developer Tools.

Automatic Failover

Nx Witness includes automatic camera failover - for free. An enterprise-level feature enabled by our revolutionary server-hive architecture.


Revolutionary Flex GrID UI


The Nx Witness flexible grid user interface (UI) is unlike anything else on the market today. Users can create and save an unlimited amount of custom layouts.


Free Upgrades...Forever


Best of all Nx Witness upgrades are free forever. That's right - users who purchase Nx Witness never have to pay another penny for future versions.

What software is included in the Nx Witness VMS?

The Nx Witness IP Video Management software platform has a client-server architecture which consists of the Nx Witness Client and the Nx Witness Media Server.


  • Login and connect to the Nx Witness system.
  • Detect available Nx Witness servers.
  • View live or recorded video or images.
  • Configure connected video streams
    (fps, image settings, recording schedule, etc)
  • Upgrade (one-click) all software components in a system.
  • Export and share recorded video from one or many cameras.
  • Cross-platform support with clients for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android.


  • Automatic detection of supported IP video cameras and other system servers.
  • Configuration of IP video recording devices
    (fps, image settings, recording schedule, etc)
  • Synchronization with other servers in a system to form a server hive.
  • Management of IP video traffic via LAN or WAN.
  • Automatic failover in case of server failure.
  • Health Monitoring of the computer hardware the Nx Witness server is installed upon.S

What components make up a "typical" Nx Witness system?

The typical Nx Witness system is made up a combination of Nx Witness software (Nx Witness Client + Server) and 3rd party hardware (client computers, mobile phones, server computers, IP cameras, etc).

What operating systems support Nx Witness?

Nx Witness is cross-platform. The Nx Witness Server application is supported on Windows and Linux OS. The Nx Witness Client application is supported on Windows, Mac, and Linux. The Nx Witness Mobile app is supported on Android and iOS.


How does licensing work on Nx Witness?

Licensing in the Nx Witness platform is simple. 1 recording license = the ability to record a 1 IP video stream (an IP video stream could be from an IP camera, an RTSP stream, or an HTTP link). So if you had a system with 64 IP cameras you would need....64 Nx Witness recording licenses. Yup. It's that simple.

How many IP video cameras can a single Nx Server record?

The maximum number of streams Nx Witness allows to be recorded on a single machine is 128.  For reference Intel Core i3 processor based server computer has plenty of power to manage and record 128 streams.

How many users and roles does Nx Witness support?

Nx Witness supports an unlimited number of users. Users are free to add and are completely unlicensed. Better yet, system administrators can create users with just a few clicks of the mouse.

When creating a user in Nx Witness and administrator can choose to use preconfigured roles (Administrator, Advanced Viewer, Viewer, Live Viewer) or create a custom role. Custom roles include the the ability to administer the system, adjust camera settings, use PTZ controls, view video archives, export video, and edit Video Walls.

How does the Nx Witness system manage storage?

The Nx Witness Server application detects and analyzes available storage during the setup process. If not specifically altered Nx Witness will utilize all storage in a system. Storage can also be assigned via the Nx Witness client. Storage options include local storage to the HDDs available on the server computer, Direct-Attached Storage (DAS), and Network-Attached Storage (NAS).

The Nx Witness recording process goes a little something like this:

  • IP Video camera streams are detected and captured by the Nx Witness Media Server and stored in RAM.
  • The Nx Witness Server writes captured IP video in RAM to available storage (internal hard drives, DAS, or NAS) once per minute..
  • All available system drives are written concurrently and according to a ratio the system calculates for their size. So, for example, if a single server has multiple sized hard drives Nx Witness will fill up each hard drive at the same rate to ensure that no single drive's system bus gets overloaded.
  • Nx Witness maintains 10GB of free space on a drive no matter how large it gets so that performance is not affected.
  • When a drive is full Nx Witness will then begin to overwrite non-locked video starting with the earliest (oldest) video on that drive.


If a single drive in a multiple drive system fails the Nx Witness system will do the following:

  • continue writing to all available drives
  • create a notification in the notifications panel that a hard drive failure has occurred
  • rebuild the archive index after the Media Server is restarted

How often is a new version of Nx Witness released?

The average time between updates for Nx Witness is 88 days. Since Nx Witness was first launched in March of 2012 Nx Witness has had 14 version updates.  That's an average of 4 updates a year.

Are there support or ongoing maintenance fees in Nx Witness?

One of the biggest advantages of Nx Witness is that upgrades and support are FREE - and upgrades are simple with the Nx Witness one-click upgrade process.