Nx Witness v3.0 Beta 2

Soooo...unfortunately Nx Witness v3.0 Beta v1 had an annoying bug that killed in-client upgrades.
So moving to Beta 2 is going to require users to manually upgrade - that means downloading the installer fresh and installing on top of the existing installation.
Not ideal, we know - but hey - it's a Beta.

Follow instructions below to download and install the latest beta.

Nx Witness Beta 2 (v3.0 Build 14400) Downloads

For Windows

For Ubuntu Linux


Nx Mobile for iOS & Android

  • Nx Mobile Android APK 
  • Nx Mobile iOS (beta testers will receive an email from the Apple iTunes Testflight Program to download the beta version of the iOS app).

Nx1 Manual Upgrade Guide

To upgrade your Nx1:

1. Download Putty

2. Run Putty and connect to your Nx1. Use the IP address of your Nx1 and Port 22. Login: root, password are the same as VMS owner password (admin).

Note: If you do not remember your admin password, go to your web client and login using your cloud credentials. Go to System → Server and change the admin password. Set new password and enter the current cloud account password when prompted. Then, you will be able to login from Putty with user root and your newly-created password.


3. Once logged in, run the following commands:

/etc/init.d/networkoptix-mediaserver stop
/etc/init.d/networkoptix-lite_client stop
killall -9 mediaserver
killall -9 mobile_client
tar zxvf nxwitness-server- -C /
/etc/init.d/networkoptix-mediaserver start
/etc/init.d/networkoptix-lite_client start

4. Celebrate your victorious manual upgrade of your Nx1.

5. If you need further assistance, please log a support ticket here.