v3.1 Beta - Now Available

The Nx Witness v3.1 Beta is ready.


And available for everyone at my.networkoptix.com

The Nx Witness v3.1 Beta includes some pretty sweet features.
Check out the sneak preview clips below for more info

Soft Triggers allow users to set up custom buttons as overlays on any camera to trigger System Actions and can be used to do some pretty amazing things.
The new Showreel feature in the Nx Witness v3.1 beta allows users to create fully customizable viewing tours of any system resource - including live streams (IP Cameras, RTSP Streams, HTTP Streams), offline videos and images.
Nx Witness v3.1 will include the ability to add "Force Acknowledge" to any notification shown in the Nx Witness Desktop Client which will force operators to acknowledge and bookmark a notification before clearing it from the Notifications panel.