Nx Witness v3.0 - Cloud Enabled

Network Optix is excited to announce the immediate availability of Nx Witness v3.0.

Nx Witness v3.0 - It's Cirrusly Good...

Nx Witness v3.0 is a huge leap forward - with a new Cloud-enabled architecture, the ability to connect from anywhere to your system with just an email address and a password, a brand-spanking new user Desktop interface with an embedded browser, an easier-than-ever installation process, an updated screaming-fast mobile app, and an all new Nx Lite Client for the Nx1.

In short - we're excited. And you should be too.

Read on to learn more about the key new features in Nx Witness v3.0.

Nx Cloud

Nx Cloud is an entirely new architectural addition to the Nx Witness VMS platform.

  • Login from anywhere using only your email address and a password.
  • Share access with new Custom Roles
  • Quickly switch between systems - no limit to the number of Nx Witness systems that can be connected.
  • Nx Cloud is FREE!

Nx Desktop Updates

  • Brand new UI/UX design
  • Faster and more responsive than ever
  • NEW! Embedded Chromium browser
  • Adjust live playback buffer...and more!

Nx Lite Client for Nx1

  • Set up your Nx1 with a keyboard and mouse
  • Remote display control from Nx Mobile
  • Display up to 4 live streams at a time
  • Enable/Disable remotely via Nx Mobile or Nx Web

Nx Mobile - Faster. Smarter.

  • Log into Nx Cloud to access your system(s) from anywhere
  • A brand-new custom developed media player reduces latency and adds live thumbnails
  • Remote control of Nx1 devices
  • Better user experience for zooming
  • Now with layouts