Microsoft Tech Leaders Forum 2016

Nx @ Microsoft Leaders Forum

Last month, as part of Nx's dedication to keeping up with the latest tech trends, the Nx team attended the Microsoft Tech Leaders Forum.

This event focused on educating technology decision makers on the organizational imperative of running a security-focused business enabled by an integrated software approach.

Someone from Microsoft. Leading.

Key Themes Emerged Throughout the day including:

MIcrosoft's Ambidextrous + Agnostic Approach


  • The Microsoft team stressed the need for a balanced approach, using a combination of seamlessly integrated technologies that work to secure a company's intellectual and physical capital.

Ambidextrous & Agnostic

  • In order to accommodate the rise of multiple core computing systems (Smartphones, Tablets, Workstations, Servers, IoT Devices) Microsoft is taking what they call an ambidextrous + agnostic approach to software development. Ambidextrous in that their products are created to take advantage of both CPU and GPU technologies. Agnostic in that it should run on any time of device (aka "device agnostic).


  • The ever-increasing amount of data companies produce and the need for rapid access to this data on any device, any time, any where is a challenge all companies will face. MIcrosoft's Azure Cloud and Windows OS, as a result, will have deep ties that enable users to take their information with them and have it at their fingertips both with and without an active Internet connection.

The Nx Team's Takeaway:

We agree with Microsoft on all of their key themes - and this is evidenced by the capabilities we've been developing for Nx Witness. 

In Nx Witness v2.2 we introduced Nx-Edge licenses and an ARM Server application, making Nx Witness's Server application available on Windows, Ubuntu Linux, and ARM debian packages. The Nx1  is a good example of a device-agnostic approach to software.

In Nx Witness version 2.3 we introduced a Server Hive Architecture that allows Nx Witness to synchronize information across all servers in a system instantly - a local intelligent cloud. This enabled features such as Automatic Camera Failover, One-Click System-Wide Updates, Video Wall. It also insures data integrity in the case of device failure and the ability of a user to log in to any server and to view the entire system (no single point of failure).

In Nx Witness 2.5 we introduced Storage Backup and a Storage SDK - allowing Nx Witness users to backup their system data to local or cloud locations as they saw fit. 

The Nx Witness Clients use the CPU to decode video and the GPU to handle graphical elements which make the Nx Witness Flexible Grid interface operate so smoothly and responsively even while simultaneously decoding, displaying, and manipulating many HD video streams.

And the next big architectural shift for Nx Witness is coming in v3.0 (Q1 2017) with the launch of Nx Cloud - a cloud-based interface that will allow users to manage thousands of systems and users from a central location.

It's an exciting time for us as we move into the Cloud and anticipate many new cloud-enabled features - including an online licensing model, seamless archive backup, cloud-based analytics, and more in the years to come.

The Nx1 Micro-Hive Server

The Nx1 Micro-Hive Server

Nx Witness Clients - a great example of the benefits of Ambidextrous computing. 

Ambidextrous & Agnostic Nx Witness

Ambidextrous & Agnostic Nx Witness

Nx Witness™


  • Automatically discover, view, record and manage devices from 120+ IP Camera manufacturers.
  • Automatic Camera Failover, One-Click System Wide Updates, Real-Time Storage Backup and more.
  • Free Trial - 4 IP Cameras, 30 days.