The Rise of A.I.

Perhaps the most notable thing about CES 2017 was how little tangible products mattered.

The start of this year's CES was something that could be felt rather than seen - the rise of artificial intelligence. 

NVIDIA made a huge wave with AI this year, scoring big with their self-driving car demonstrations featuring BB8 and the Audi Q7. 

The demonstration showcased machine self-learning including the ability to adapt its image recognition algorithm based on real-world scenarios. NVIDIA's approach is unique in its ability to utilize local neural networks in combination with cloud computing to create products that work both on and offline. 

AI-assisted components such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa also were featured in concert with many new applications.

Google Home
Ask it questions. Tell it to do things. It's your own personal Google, always ready to help.

Amazon Alexa
The talking artificial intelligence assistant is no longer stuck inside an Echo speaker. 

As of CES this year 7,000+ companies have integrated Alexa into their products. LG’s new smart fridges feature WebOS and integrated Amazon Alexa for easier reordering of food products, providing recipes, and even playing music and videos while you are cooking.

Google Assistant was also showcased in the NVIDIA Shield TV. This new device is targeting the living room desiring to being the standard for home automation, video streaming, and gaming.

So what is Nx doing with A.I.?

  • The team at Nx is currently evaluating the potential of using voice-operated assistants to allow operators to interact with Nx Witness completely hands free (e.g. "Alexa, please show the front door camera on the meeting room monitor.")
  • We're also looking at the opportunities for A.I. driven Video Analytics - an industry that has made huge leaps in the last 2 years as self-driving automobiles have forced real-time situational awareness - including object, speed, colors, age/demographics, character recognition, etc.

Have an idea for how you see A.I. integrated into Nx Witness? 
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