Do Awesome Things with Nx Witness - like send yourself an SMS.

A Quick demonstration of how to use Nx Witness's new HTTP-Request-as-an-Action Feature.

In Nx Witness patch ( the Nx team has introduced HTTP-Request-as-an-Action - which allows users to generate an HTTP GET or POST request as an action in response to any event triggered in Nx Witness.

Today we show how to use HTTP-Request-as-an-Action to send an SMS via the Clickatell SMS Gateway ( The event is triggered when someone is standing outside of Tony's office. Check out the video below for the full explanation.

What is HTTP Request-as-an-Action?

HTTP Request-as-an-Action is a feature of Nx Witness that allows users to create a rule that sends an HTTP POST or GET request over the network to a targeted service or device. This allows Nx Witness to send alerts to 3rd party systems or devices, which can then be used in those devices or systems to trigger additional actions.

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