Exploring Nx Video Wall

Introduced in Nx Witness v2.3 Video Wall is a powerful, easy-to-use video wall and remote monitor control feature built-right-in to the Nx Witness IP Video Management system..

In the video below Tony Luce from the Network Optix team explains how to create, configure and use the video wall feature.

Using the Video Wall feature users can remotely control the desktops of computers running the Nx Witness Client application - including sharing cameras, layouts, and even streaming their entire screen. 

The Nx Witness Video Wall feature is a scalable, affordable licensed feature  - starting with 1 concurrent operator and 2 monitors and scaling to any size.

Nx Video Wall is a powerful, simple-to-use remote monitor control feature available directly in Nx Witness. Using Nx Video Wall users can create and remotely manage video wall or remote monitors with just a few clicks from their Nx Witness Client interface.