Nx Witness v2.3 Patch 8388

Nx Witness v2.3 Patch 8388

Following an additional one month of in-the-field use and reports from our user base we are releasing patch 8388 to address a few ongoing compatibility and status issues.

Below are the release notes outlining the issues address in Nx Witness v2.3.0 build 8388.  

Existing Nx Witness users will receive an update notification and are recommended to upgrade to the newest patch as soon as is convenient.

New users can download Nx Witness v2.3 here.

Nx WITNESS v2.3 build 8388 BUG FIXES:

  • Lost video streams from manually added cameras after moving between servers fixed.
  • auto-discovered cameras not returning to online status after server restart fixed.
  • NAS/Windows Server memory leak fixed.
  • Secondary stream problems resolved.