Nx Witness 2.3 Patch 8344

Since the release of Nx Witness v2.3 the Nx team has been closely monitoring ongoing support issues and have found a few consistent bugs that we've decided to address in the form of an updated patch - Build 8344.

Below are the release notes outlining the issues address in Nx Witness v2.3.0 build 8344.  

Existing Nx Witness users will receive an update notification and can upgrade to the newest patch automatically - or manually using the build 8344 with password pgg8ae.

New users can download Nx Witness v2.3 here.

Bug Fixes in 8344 Build

  • Android App update - slight update to the server and fixed display issues on Nexus 6 devices. The latest app is available for download now on Google Play.
  • Timeline recorded video fix - green segments for recorded video on the timeline were occasionally not displaying properly. This issue has been fixed.
  • Rare System Freeze - Two branches of code in v2.3 were conflicting and this resulted in the some users experienced a stoppage of recording, system merge failures, and slow camera loading. This issue has been fixed.
  • Non-IP Server Address Issue - the server hive environment worked incorrectly if servers  were set to address each other by DNS (rather than IP). This could lead to various intermittent problems.This issue has been fixed.
  • NAS storage issue - if NAS was in a system and then removed or unable to be discovered after an upgrade the Server pointed at that NAS address would take up to 10 minutes to start.

Known Issues with Build 8344

  • This version does not contain Anti-Virus (BitDefender) fix. We're still working on it. As soon as we're done, we'll give you a patched version for installations using BitDefender.
  • Windows OS resizing issue - if double clicking on the Nx Witness application frame in computers running Windows the client does not always display properly. Still an issue - fix coming soon.