HD Witness v2.0 - Released

The much awaited 2nd generation of our acclaimed HD Witness Enterprise IPVMS has now been released.  This release is a major leap forward for our platform with a ton of new features and capabilities.  There are far too many to list in a single blog post but here are some of the highlights.


A new forensic digital zoom capability that not only allows you to export a still shot or video clip of just the zoomed in portion, but also allows you to move the zoomed in forensic spyglass from one stream to another seamlessly.  This also works for panning across all four sensors of the Arecont Vision panoramic multi-sensor cameras as well as between entirely separate camera streams.


This new feature allows for the post-processing enhancement of any video being displayed in our client.  With advanced controls over black/white/gamma settings as well as automatic optimization, this is a powerful new forensic video tool for that can be used on any live or archived footage.

Be sure to try it in extremely low light settings in order to see it's real power.


We have also adding a full mapping feature to our platform allowing the user to upload diagrams of their facilities, position cameras in a layout according to their correct positions within the map and then lock the layout.

Using Backrounds (Maps or Plans) on Layout (E-Mapping) - 2.png


This new feature pops up a preview window of any resource you mouse over either in the tree or during camera configuration giving you a quick reference of which videos/cameras to take action with.

This works when selecting additional cameras to copy actions to within Events/Alerts Rules set up or even to copy recording schedules to other cameras.


This was a major breakthrough for us as we've created a revolutionary new universal client-side dewarping engine that is fully powered by the GPU thereby requiring no additional client CPU usage.  It works with any Onvif Profile S fish-eye camera that supports sending their raw warped footage from the camera.

The user has the choice of viewing in PTZ mode, popping out a de-warped forensic zoom window or they can even view the whole image in 180° and 360° panoramic modes.

The list goes on and on and it is our goal to do a new post and training/demonstration video for each new feature and capability introduced in this release.  Keep an eye out for more coming soon.