HD Witness v1.5 - Released

Exactly one year from the date HD Witness was first launched, Network Optix is proud to present HD Witness v1.5.  Our latest in a series of product breakthroughs and advancements in surveillance video management.  With its evolution has come user success stories from around the globe as well as strategic partnerships with some terrific companies.

With this release we have added several major new features, the biggest of which is our new Events, Alerts & Notification system.  As is our custom, we focused on building a very strong engine behind the entire feature that can power it as it grows into a major component of our entire system, while simultaneously making sure it was more intuitive and user friendly than any prior.  Here's a shot of what the interface for the full Events, Alerts & Notification system.

This new feature allows you to configure the system to provide visible alerts as well as email users based based upon events including motion detection, network conflicts, drive or storage failure, camera disconnection or failure and even camera relays.

The email notification system is remarkably simple to set up and at initial launch, prompts you with alerts to configure the email sending system as well as entering users emails into the expanded user profiles and settings.


Network Optix recently partnered up at a strategic level with Digital Watchdog.  A North American leader in analog surveillance cameras and DVR's, Digital Watchdog has sold hundreds of thousands of DVR's in the United States and Canada with systems installed in some of the largest government, retail, education and industrial customers in both countries.  In the past year they have moved quickly into the IP Video community with the release of their Blackjack NVR's powered by DW Spectrum.  Their primary DVR line; the VMAX Series, is now fully integrated into HD Witness as well as DW Spectrum.  Now thousands, if not tens of thousands of Digital Watchdog VMAX DVR customers across the US and Canada have a simple and exciting way to easily migrate their existing analog surveillance system directly into the advanced world of IP Megapixel surveillance and manage them through the hottest new VMS software available.

With the advancements in our analog integration comes an exciting addition to our licensing model.  When HD Witness (or DW Spectrum) detects the addition of analog cameras, whether through the VMAX DVR line or utilizing one of our integrated analog encoders such as Axis or Vivotek, a new analog license can be used to allow recording and streaming.  Our full professional licenses can still be used if you already have them installed however the new analog licenses which are sold in packs of 4 channels each can be purchased for half the price per channel of our already low priced professional licenses.


There is a long list of cool new features and upgrades and we will be showing them all (plus a few sneak peaks at upcoming features) at the ISC West show in Las Vegas next week.  We will be conducting demonstrations and customer meetings at our smaller booth #1062 or you can see one of the non-stop demonstrations on a much bigger video wall at Digital Watchdog's booth #6075.  Please contact us soon if you would like to set up a meeting at the show.