We embrace the spirit and true exposure-multiplying potential of popular social media. In light of this, we are now leveraging these powerful resources by posting videos on YouTube and linking them to Facebook and Twitter.  These sites make it possible to be seen by millions of people.  So many people today are unsatisfied with their current media player.  Social media can get our message and solution out to the world very effectively and allows us to keep our interested audience up to date on what we are developing.  We wanted to do more than just a newsletter.  Posting concise yet engaging videos online will do more than just tell you what we are developing.  We can show you.  And social media allows our audience access to this information from anywhere, and from any smartphone or computer. These videos will be added to our Library within our website and will cover a wide host of topics ranging from general overview to specific feature descriptions and uses.  Our Library will serve as a convenient way to understand the many features and facets of the EVE Media Player.  Topics will include a general overview, high definition screen record, live and archived video viewing, downloading and setup of EVE, how to associate video files, viewing and layout of multiple videos simultaneously, searching, indexing and tagging videos, explanation of all controls in Settings, using EVE as a Demo Tool, and much more.  Also, we would be happy to take your suggestions on future videos you would like to see posted.  Please post your comments and suggestions for future videos.

And of course, all the videos we post will be expertly produced with the EVE Media Player.

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