The Beginning

Hello All,

Thanks for visiting the new Network Optix blog.  We will be using this blog to provide regular updates regarding our products and our technology as well as to put out a great many training and example videos.  We actively encourage you to leave comments or questions and we will regularly communicate with those who do.

This video is a demonstration of the forensic zoom and manipulation control available within our EVE Media Player.  This video was actually recorded directly from my screen using the EVE Media Player.  (Screen recording is one of our many, many features and will be available in limited function free to all.  The feature will be available as a professional upgrade to 1080p/30fps capability for a fee.  Be sure to watch this one in full screen mode for the full effect.

We look forward to hearing what you think of our technology and ideas for ways in which we can keep improving it. Something we promise to do as often and for as long as we're able.

Best regards from the entire Network Optix team.