Cool Demo Tools

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EVE Media Player provides an unprecedented and novel sales presentation tool for demonstrating and complimenting the true value of megapixel video.Imagine being unrestrained in your ability to display multiple, simultaneous, live and archived video streams, of any file type and container.  Dynamically manage multiple simultaneous streams, use the forensic zoom and aspect rotational tools to leverage every pixel of your video.  Find events intuitively by adaptive tagging or predefined layouts. And, if you still feel the need to do a slideshow, you can seamlessly lead into a power-point-like slideshow, all while staying within the application.

EVE Media Player provides what has not been possible before.  The arrangement possibilities are endless and provide an interactive experience.  Don’t have your prospects sit through another one-sided presentation.

Static slides with clip art does not sell.  Getting your prospects engaged in the product does.  The EVE Media Player will compliment your video solution.

Our technology will  provide an engaging and immerse sales demonstration tool.  Your prospects will appreciate the ease of use and the ability to share their video with screen recording and YouTube upload functionality.

Try EVE Media Player today and show your customers your solution on a presentation tool unlike any out there.