TechCrunch Publicity

Devin Coldeway of has been following our progress and wrote a great article about us today on TechCrunch.

I love how he states that our technology was, "...a little too practical for presentation".  While at TechCrunch Disrupt show, I noticed that the companies that seemed to get the most attention were of the "glitzy" and "snazzy" variety.  Core technologies that provide foundation level solutions, although respected there, were not the hottest 'buzzworthy' companies.  Such is life in the high-tech fast lane I suppose.  Everyone notices the red Aston Martin doing 200MPH.  Few people notice how amazing the engineering behind the perfectly built freeway the Aston Martin is racing across.  Have a look at the article.

And below is the press release we issued yesterday.

Burbank, CA (November 29, 2011) - Network Optix, a startup software and network technology company, is pleased to announce the completion of its Convertible Debt round, raising $750,000 for expansion of the company’s core platform technology and solution offerings. Led by the company's founders and board director, Jor Law, the offering was filled with strategic investments from Veracity, HauteSpot Networks, Kenneth Lu, MD and a group of angel investors from multiple industries.

“We are excited about the incredible momentum our company is gaining and the interest that our core technology is generating across diverse industries ranging from social networking to security and surveillance”, said Nathan Wheeler, CEO and Co-founder of Network Optix. “This round of funding has allowed us to expand from pure development into our next phase of releasing products and solutions built on our new enterprise video platform.”

Network Optix is introducing a new architecture called EVaaP (Enterprise Video as a Platform), a universal architecture for rapidly deploying any type of video transport, management and display solution. Optimized for extreme bandwidth and processor efficiency, EVaaP is designed to remove the inherent complexity and problems of fragmented technology associated with HD video in the enterprise—allowing developers to focus on the custom features and core benefits of their solution offering.

Network Optix released its first application, the EVE Media Player™, in September of 2011 at the TechCrunch Disrupt Conference in San Francisco, CA. EVE Media Player is a feature-rich media viewing and management application available in Windows and Mac.