HD Witness v1.0 - Released

What so many have long been awaiting is now here - HD Witness V1.0 is has arrived.  It is completing final testing as we speak and is everything we ever dreamed it could be and so much more.  It will be available for free download and testing on the morning of March 28th from our website.  It will come with four free licenses ready and waiting for you to activate and test it.

HD Witness is an innovative new approach to managing high definition surveillance video at any scale, from stand-alone single locations to vast enterprise and cloud-enabled deployments.  Our platform architecture provides unprecedented enterprise scalability, unmatched ease of use, adaptive bandwidth optimization, efficient distributed processing, automated device discovery and configuration and a highly streamlined implementation.  It is also cross-platform and will be available in Linux, Mac and Android shortly after launch.

We are releasing HD Witness at our 20x20' booth at ISC West in Las Vegas on March 28th.  The picture is a sample of what our booth looks like and the link takes you to the interactive map of where we are in case you're using their "Map your Show" tool.  Rest assured we are going to rock that house!  HD Witness is an amazing achievement and will be nothing short of disruptive to the global HD and megapixel surveillance market.  It is also cloud ready and optimized for extreme bandwidth efficiency so will likely make a large and rapid splash into the HD VSaaS space as well.

See you at ISC West and if you're not making it, be sure and download our application next Wednesday when we post it online for all to enjoy.