HD Witness v1.4 - Released

HD Witness v1.4 delivers more power, more features and a wider range of hardware integration that now includes Digital Watchdog's new Blackjack NVR IP solution, the entire line of Arecont Vision cameras and all the D-Link cameras capable of dual-streaming.


  • An advanced Android client
  • 64x architecture version for Windows
  • Multi-video export with embedded playerz
  • On-demand help system
  • Global time synchronization
  • Video export with rendered time-stamps
  • Ability to use public IP for media server
  • Automatic system updates and more

Here are a few snapshots of our cool new Android UI. Download HD Witness Android App on Google Play and start streaming directly to your mobile device. You will be surprised to how easy it is to navigate through the app thanks to our wonderful development team who always look for innovative ideas to streamline the user experience.



The multi-video export feature allows users to export videos and layouts as a single file and play it back with FF/REW, SmartMotion search, thumbnails and other controls. Files can be saved as .nov, .exe and "read only". Follow these steps to try this cool new feature.

STEP 1: Select videos and right-click to Export Multi-Video.

STEP 2: Select the desired format.


No more flipping through hundreds of pages of user manuals! Now you can find all of the answers you are looking for from within the application by using our new on-demand help system. Simply select the question icon located in the top right corner and click on the desired element to get the right answers.

STEP 1: Select the question icon (?) located in the right top corner of the application window, then click on any element within the current layout to view all the relevant support information (available in both Windows and Linux).

STEP 2: An html window will open to display all the relevant to the search information. You can also browse through the library (see the menu tree located on the left) to learn more on other features and controls.


This feature, commonly used in daily operations for seeking deeper forensic analysis, has been re-engineered by our team dramatically to provide for a better and much more efficient user experience (UX). In standard VMS applications, the time to export video with rendered time-stamps can be time-consuming. This is why our team has created a much more efficient path to achieving same results in a matter of seconds.
Note: the export required transcoding on client, which might cause delays, a slight decrease in quality and an overall increase in processor load up to 100% during export.

STEP 1: Select the desired time range and right-click on Export Selected Area.

STEP 2: Select the desired format. Two quick steps and it's done!


Lastly, the new v1.4 release includes automatic system updates, so whenever there is an update, the system will automatically detect it and prompt the user to initiate the upgrade.