HD Witness v1.3 - Released

HD Witness v1.3 is now available for immediate download and/or upgrade.  Upgrading from a previous version takes even less than the one minute required for a new and full install.  Just download and run the installer and the app will take care of the rest.  All of your settings should remain exactly as you left them.



This is our biggest minor release yet and it is packed with cool new features. It also introduces our new Linux Client and Web Client. Our Linux Server and Client can be downloaded from our HD Witness for Linux page.  Both of our clients and servers are cross-connectable so you can use them in any combination you wish.

Our new web client and server is a fantastic addition to the HD Witness platform and opens up a world of new applications for our technology.  Our web server can dynamically transcode up to 720p HD resolution and a live stream can easily be embedded into any website or other thin client application.  The addition of our new Linux Client opens up a new realm of embedded appliance applications.


We have added controls for PTZ (Onvif supported), manual camera addition for Onvif cameras that do not auto-detect, admin-definable permissions for viewers, an amazing new thumbnail time search feature, panic recording, system health monitoring, new calendar search capabilities and much more. All of the new features and upgrades are listed in our V1.3 Release Notes.  We have also put together a Quick Reference Guide (and Hot Key Cheat Sheet) that will help make it easier to learn all the cool new things our app can do as well as tips on features that have been in for a while.

We are looking forward to feedback on all the new features from our currently installed user base and global network of testers and demonstrators.  We are planning a fast turnaround to V1.4 that will have new features added but will also have highly advanced software and hardware acceleration upgrades.  Upgrades that will take our already extremely powerful yet lightweight architecture to new levels of performance on off-the-shelf and embedded hardware appliances.

To become part of the community of partners, testers, customers and influencers of Network Optix technology, then join us on Facebook and Linked In to keep up to date and provide open feedback.  As many of our users already know, our team is adding features and capabilities at a scorching pace and we are always looking for more insight into what would make HD Witness continue to evolve as the hottest, most useful, most intuitive VMS ever built.